Juan M. Castro is an artist and researcher (soft matter) based in Tokyo. He works mainly in hybrid installations on subjects centering on the origin, synthesis and (re) definitions of life; the ever-shifting border between the living and non-living; as well as the philosophical, ethical and technological implications of life-like technologies. His work employs various media including lipids, synthetic molecules, genetic material, swimming droplets, protocell models, living cells, computer graphics, sensors, etc.

Since 2008, he has been presenting his projects internationally in museums, art & science festivals, scientific meetings and academic conferences. His work has been exhibited at Science Gallery, Ireland; NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC], Japan; the Central House of Artists, Russia; the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design; the Esther Klein Gallery - Science Center, USA; among others.





Past events

    • Exhibitions
    • 2015 "A matter of softness". Esther Klein Gallery, Science center. Philadelphia, USA
    • 2015 "Home/sick" Science Gallery - Trinity College Dublin. Dublin, IRELAND
    • 2014 "Rhizope". Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design. Tallin, ESTONIA
    • 2014 "Open Space 2013 - Biogenic timestamp" . NTT Intercommunication center [ICC]. Tokyo, JAPAN
    • 2013 "Econsciousness - ScienceArt". DNK Hall, Central House of Artists. Moscow, RUSSIA
    • 2013 "Open Space 2013 - Heliotropika". NTT Intercommunication center [ICC]. Tokyo, JAPAN
    • 2013 " ArtsIT 2013" Third International Conference on Art and Technology. Milan, ITALY
    • 2013 "Biomedia art". International exhibition by Tokyo, JAPAN
    • 2012 "'Life Aesthetics”. Information gallery, Waseda. Tokyo, JAPAN
    • 2012 "'Update_4 - New technological art award”.  Zebrastrat. Gent, BELGIUM
    • 2012 "Adaptation”. Symbiotica's art and ecology project - INQB8 Gallery. Mandurah, AUSTRALIA
    • 2012 "ScienceArt - International exhibition”.  DNK Hall, Central House of Artists.Moscow, RUSSIA
    • 2011 "Collateral affections”.  Media art festival transitio MX04.Mexico city, MEXICO
    • 2011 “Hakase kateiten”. Tama Art University - Art Museum.Tokyo, JAPAN
    • 2009  “(Un)Cyborgable". Amber’09 Art and technology Festival. Istanbul, TURKEY
    • 2009  “Biological art - Science Agora’09”. Science communication event .Tokyo, JAPAN
    • 2009  “Neurodynamics”. Manotor galllery.Tokyo, JAPAN
    • 2009  “Bio-based art - Intervoltaic". Make Tokyo 03.Tokyo, JAPAN
    • 2009 "Intervoltaic". Information Design Gallery, TAU. Tokyo, JAPAN
    • 2008  “Sho-geiyutsu“. Zaim Art Gallery. Yokohama, JAPAN
    • 2008 "Air+Architechs". CCAMA.Tokyo, JAPAN
    • 2007 "Automatica" . Bank Art.Yokohama, JAPAN
    • 2006 "Japonder 2" . Art center gallery, Setagaya Art Foundation.Tokyo, JAPAN
    • Invited lectures and presentations
    • 2017 "Art, protocell models and wet a-life". IDD - Tama Art University. Tokyo, JAPAN
    • 2016 "Experimental cellular compartments". REAL, IT University. Copenhagen, DENMARK
    • 2015 "A matter of softness". Quorum, Science Center. Philadelphia, USA
    • 2015 "Fat between 2 worlds" Science Gallery - Trinity College Dublin. Dublin, IRELAND
    • 2014 "Fats that matter". Lab. d’Anthropologie sociale. College de France. Paris, FRANCE
    • 2014 "(Re) imagining the biological membrane". CINaM, AMU. Marseille, FRANCE
    • 2014 "Fat between 2 worlds". Estonian Academy of Arts. Tallin, ESTONIA
    • 2014 "Lipid membranes of the past and future". Life, in Theory. EU - SLSA. Turin, ITALY
    • 2014 "Sensing light and biosignals". The sound of light and the invisible. Int'l seminar. Marseille, FRANCE
    • 2013 "Heliotropika". Re-new 2013 Conference. Copenhagen, DENMARK
    • 2013 "Lipid membranes of the past and future". Symbiotica, UWA. Perth, AUSTRALIA
    • 2013 "Biogenic Timestamp project"..Symbiotica, UWA. Perth, AUSTRALIA
    • 2013 "Exploring life at Open Space 2013 " . NTT Intercommunication center [ICC]. Tokyo, JAPAN
    • 2013 "On cholesterol, neurons and artificial cells " Econsciousness, ScienceArt. Central House of Artists. Moscow, RUSSIA
    • 2013 "Biomembrane architecture". 7th Symposium on Self-Organization. Tokyo, JAPAN
    • 2013 "Biomedia creation" Bioinspired methods and applications - Seminar. Tokyo, JAPAN
    • 2012 "Human-cyanobacteria interface" Subtle Technologies - Art and technology festival. Toronto, CANADA
    • 2012 "'Biodynamic geometries". 7th Metaphorest seminar. Twins institute.Tokyo, JAPAN
    • 2012 "Interkingdom interaction" ScienceArt - International exhibition.Central House of Artists.Moscow, RUSSIA
    • 2012 "Novel biophysical boundaries through controllable lipid membranes". Japan Society for Cell Synthesis 5.0. Tokyo, JAPAN
    • 2010 "Bioart using cyanobacteria”. Kazuna DNA research institute.Chiba, JAPAN
    • Workshops
    • 2018 "Wetbots: protocells and moist automata". BioClub Shibuya. Tokyo, JAPAN
    • 2017 "Expanding the evolutionary potential of minimal living systems" . The University of Tokyo. Tokyo, JAPAN
    • 2017 "Art and Wet A-life". Tama Art University. Tokyo, JAPAN
    • 2017 "Self-propelled droplets". Hands-on session. Tama Art University. Tokyo, JAPAN






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